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Latest product updates on:

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  • HM-Analyzer for Xsens MVN Systems
  • FSA Pressure mapping
  • Balance sensor mats
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  • Vibration Analysis ToolSet (VATS)

NexGen news 34, September 2022

Ergonomics and Biomechanics Products


HumanCAD Version 6.1 has been released. This update includes faster mannequin creation as well as correction to the selection of Weight-Height percentiles that affected some mannequin creation.

Our latest version also includes other new features; a new balance function, ground reaction force, more databases, new clothing options, Hand Strength MAE (Maximum Acceptable Efforts) and AFF (Arm Force Field) methods. As well, a new optional Elderly module has also been released.

Customers on annual maintenance can contact us to receive the new version.

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Biometrics Ltd. Products

There are now three DataLITE wireless system options.

The fully wireless DataLITE system uses a sophisticated WIFI communication protocol, which hops RF channel to minimise the potential for data loss. Up to 16 sensors for up to 24 channels of data can be connected to a single wireless interface. These sensors can be any combination of goniometers, torsiometers, EMG sensors, accelerometers or force sensors (dynamometer, pinchmeter, myometer, force plates, in line or s-beam load cells and more).

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Mark-10 Force Gauge Products

We have various discount offers as well as bundles with our ErgoIntelligence MMH EI-MMH-SCM: Snook & Ciriello and Mital Table analysis software valid to December 31, 2022. Please contact us for details.

Mark-10 products are known for their high quality and the industry’s leading 3-year warranty.

Click here to learn more about Mark-10 Gauges.
Click here to learn more about Mark-10 Ergonomics Testing Kits.

New Ametek Chatillon DFE3 & DFS3 Gauges

Ametek has released new gauges replacing the previous DFE2 and DFS2 gauges.

The Ametek Chatillon DFE3 and DFS3 Series Digital Force Gauges feature a large, easy-to-read color-display that highlights readings and icons for easy navigation. A rugged rubber keypad ensures a single touch operation that corresponds to displayed options on the screen and guides its user during operation. It offers test setups functionality, auto-save test results, and automatic export of these for further analysis. Additionally, the force gauges offer a variety of standard gauge functions, including normal and peak readings, high/low limits, set points, load averaging and pass/fail results.

The DFS3 may be equipped with integral loadcells or smart remote sensors for load measurement or torque measurement.

Measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% full scale in integral load cell models. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution, full color LCD display supports a variety of standard gauge functions including normal and peak readings, high/low limits, setpoints, pass/fail results, statistical results, load averaging, % and sharp break detection, loadcell actuation and direction. Loads are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N units. The display can be inverted and displayed results may be “hidden” from the operator.

Click here to learn more about DFE3 digital force gauges.
Click here to learn more about DFS3 digital force gauges.

FSA Pressure Mapping Solutions

NexGen provides a full range of pressure mats which include hand sized mats, seat and bed sized mats, as well as custom mats. Temperature mats in a variety of sizes are also available.

New calibration software was recently released.

The new BodiTrak Cal 2.0 client software when used with the purchased calibration jig enables customs to perform their own calibration of pressure mat sensors to spec. The software works with both auto calibration and manual calibration options.

The new BodiTrak QuickCal software enables customers to perform a quick calibration adjustment by applying weight to the connected pressure mat.

Click here to learn more about seat and bed sized mats.
Click here to learn more about hand sized mats.

Lafayette Products

New metal Lafayette bone calipers are available. Customers now have the option to purchase plastic or metallic models.

HOGGAN Scientific Force Gauges

NexGen Ergonomics now distributes HOGGAN Scientific gauges.

The HOGGAN wireless ergoFET™ 500 is excellent for job site and ergonomic analysis, NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) whole body or job specific static strength testing, or for any force measurement at the job site.

The wireless enabled ergoFET™ 500 eliminates cables, cords, and wires. It measures peak force and timed 3-second average force when required. With two operating test modes, and four selectable threshold settings, the ergoFET™ 500 is a highly versatile force gauge for any industrial measurement application.

The HOGGAN wireless ergoFET™ force gauge eliminates cables, cords, and wires. This cost-effective and ergonomically handheld design makes testing easier and more closely simulates actual job tasks for one hand test applications.

Click here to learn more about ergoFET 500 gauges.
Click here to learn more about ergoFET gauges.


Medical Products


By simply digitizing digital photos you can easily analyze and document range of motion for the elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and cervical analysis and other postural analysis.

Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges

We sell a large variety of hand dynamometers and pinch gauges from a variety of manufacturers. Please contact us to obtain pricing.